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Neural-Lotto is the ONLY high-end neural network in the world applied to lotteries. After 8 years of research and development, we finally created what can be called the most advanced and sophisticated intelligent numeric pattern matching, recognition and AI search & discover neural network engine ever developed.

We spared no expense in collecting up-to-date historic data from all the major lotteries in the world, refining our state-of-the-art algorithms and custom building a hugely powerful hardware platform to create a truely extraordinary and one-of-a-kind lotto predicting machine, almost beyond belief, unlike any other.

Back in 2004 we were the first and only ones to create the groundbreaking NeuralAnalyzer i7000 algorithm and apply it to a lottery. Running on custom-built Windows XP hardware, this multilayered, 3-algorithmic, 20,000-neuron AI neural network engine managed to settle and stabilize in 3 full days, offering all 6 numbers on a major 6 out of 47 lottery (Melate-Mexico). Within just 4 years (now 6 out of 56), we managed to pull in 393 Fourth Prizes, 108 Third Prizes, 41 Second Prizes and 1 Jackpot, totalling over US$4.9 million.

Armed with this financial backup, we decided to continue to pursue our dream. We headed back to the drawing board firmly convinced there is no such thing as blind chance, coincidences or luck. We proved it once, and we were determined to prove it once again — this time, beyond any doubt.

Today, 8 years later, our dream has materialized. Running on custom built, state-of-the-art 256-core hardware with 4x NVIDIA Tesla K40 accelerator modules totalling a whopping 21.87 TeraFLOPs of raw peak power, the newly re-engineered Neural-Lotto has done in less than a month what NeuralAnalyzer i7000 did in over 8 years: 3 Second Prizes and 1 Jackpot, totalling over US$38.6 million with neural network settling times between 15 seconds to 8 minutes.

Neural-Lotto’s multilayered NeuralReality AI Engine, with its vastly superior 64 P/SDM*, 24 search & discovery modes, 5-algorithmic, 1 million neuron** architecture, is currently up to 1800x faster than our previous i7000 system, depending on system workload, historic data, and parameters employed.

At its core, Neural-Lotto is an intelligent learning system, which is the basic premise of all neural networks. But make no mistake — Neural-Lotto is the ultimate search & discover pattern, trend and tendency-seeking artificial intelligence neural network ever conceived applied to lotteries. The more real-world data it is exposed to and the more specific input it receives, the greater the learning, efficiency and performance factors achieved.

With its phenomenal results, we could easily ask for well into the thousand-dollar price range per run to the general public. But our business is not to obtain your money. We get most of our funding from the results Neural-Lotto produces for us. Our real business is creating the next generation AI system using the expertise, knowledge and technology acquired from Neural-Lotto. But to do that we need real-world data and input.

Which is why we’re offering this groundbreaking second generation system to everyone on a per run basis for a fraction of the cost. And because we feel everyone should get a fair chance of making their dreams come true. And because we know lack and limitation has no place amongst people — or the universe for that matter. And because we absolutely believe in prosperity and abundance and affirm no one should be cut short of their aspirations for lack of money.

And simply because we care.


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* Pipes per Search & Discovery Mode
** The NR AI Engine also employs about 20k perceptrons