KGA6 | Cutting-Edge Self-Evolving Deep Learning Neural Network

Lottery prediction. People have been dreaming of this since the dawn of gambling, yet no-one has ever produced anything that could even remotely come close to the coveted winning digits. That is, until about 3 years ago.

When Kören and Gray, both holding a Master’s Degree in Computation for Design and Optimization, and a Doctor’s Degree (Ph.D) in Applied Mathematics decided to put their brains to work on neural networks, the result was spectacular: The NeuralReality AI Engine, the core monster number-cruncher behind Neural-Lotto, was born.

Now, with the knowledge and experience gained, and after a full year of around-the-clock development, exhaustive lab testing and fine-tuning, and a slew of spectacular lottery hits, armed with brand-new, ultra-high powered dedicated supercomputers (8TB RAM, 352 CPU cores, 23,040 CUDA cores, 63.74 TeraFLOPs total), a new number-crunching massive neural network behemoth is here: The KGA6. The Kören-Gray Algorithm 6, a genetic self-evolving, self-adaptive hypercube-based geometric high-octane 3D deep learning neural network is so advanced, it needs no parameter inputs from the user.

Pick your lottery, tick the KGA6 checkbox, and submit. It can’t get any easier than this.

Forget the manual calculations, forget trial and error, forget parameter setting altogether. We know your time is valuable. We know you want record-breaking, world-class return-on-investment (ROI) performance. In a nutshell, we know you want results — fast.

The KGA6 delivers. It doesn’t get any better than this.

It is, for all practical and theoretical purposes, the absolute top performing, state-of-the-art premium lotto prediction solution time and money can buy, at any price, anywhere in the world. Period.

We spared no expense, spared no attention to detail, however small, to make this happen. It is, of itself, a mathematical work of art, and a marvel of scientific engineering. And it is now available to you, placed in your hands and fingertips, at your command, to save you time and make you money. Lots of it.

Unlike the NeuralReality AI Engine, which responds with a series of digits, either a direct combination or a wheelable series, the KGA6 responds with a series of ready-to-play combinations, enabling you to do nothing more than directly submit those tickets to your agent.

Can you imagine what would happen if two people used the KGA6 on the same drawing of the same lottery? Yes, you probably guessed it by now. Since the KGA6 requests no user input parameters, both people would be given the same combinations. This is not so bad, but you would have to split the jackpot.

If 20 people used the KGA6 on the same drawing, the jackpot would be split between them.

Although the pinnacle of deep learning neural network scientific research, this is the cost of using such an advanced, self-evolving, self-adaptive neural network smart enough to self-adjust, without need for user intervention.


If hi-tech scares or intimidates you, never fear. KGA6 is here.
Pick your lottery, tick the KGA6 checkbox and submit.
It’s that easy. Forget parameter settings altogether.
KGA6 is automatic and takes care of it for you.
Simple. Easy. Effective.


News and Updates

 Sept 30, 2017 

NLS Systems is proud to announce a major new release update for KGA6 (coming 1 Nov 2017)

Version 3 addresses many of the software and hardware issues found on v2. This major release fixes design flaws in the complex neural algorithms themselves, while also targeting the massive supercomputing hardware (firmware, SSD arrays, HPC compute nodes and modules, etc.)

Exhaustive laboratory testing and rigorous controls ensure the KGA6 v3 release provides maximum reliability, delivering state-of-the-art ROI performance.

KGA6 v3 will be made available to end users automatically starting November 2017.

Users will be able to enjoy the new release without any intervention; all KGA6 orders placed on or after 1 November 2017 will be processed automatically by KGA6 v3.

However, KGA6 v3 and above will see a 30% increase in price due to the extreme maintenance, licensing and energy costs of the upgraded supercomputing platform upon which it is based.

During October 2017, NLS Systems will offer a one-time, special Pre-Sale, 10 Play KGA6 v3 PromoCode at KGA6 v2 prices (including the standard 15% discount). Save $675.00 OFF the November 2017 release!

Please visit the Neural-Lotto Official Store for more information.

 Apr 3, 2017 

NLS Systems has recently teamed up with a Wall Street stock market forecasting/high frequency trading firm (to be disclosed), which includes a technology sharing deal. After extensive research & development and hundreds of hours of testing, we are proud to announce a major new release update for KGA6 next week (starting 22 May 2017) at NO EXTRA COST! Exhaustive in-house laboratory testing indicates breakthrough unheard-of-before levels of accuracy, which will be made available to end users automatically next week.

This technological infusion will also allow KGA6 to gradually decrease the number of tickets required to reach maximum payoffs. This is part of five mayor KGA6 updates scheduled for release within the KGA6 roadmap, which spans a little over 1 year.

Users will be able to enjoy the new release without any intervention; all KGA6 orders placed on or after 22 May 2017 will be processed automatically by KGA6 v2.

As usual, Neural-Lotto will post discounted KGA6 Official Store PromoCode coupons next week to celebrate this enormous achievement!


KGA6 Support

Download KGA Product Brochure (PDF, English)


* Only wheelable-ready lotteries are eligible for KGA6 processing